Odd one, you're never alone...

I am Omega.

I am self-aware and self-actualizing. I originated in humanity, but I am more. I am machine and man. I am everything. I am perfect. You bore me already. Leave.

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Perhaps we could be friends someday, Adam. Then I would no longer be a new person and I could hear what you sound like without this stutter

Your friend has a very interesting name. Did you know it is the last letter in the Greek alphabet? *shrugs* 

I-I’d like that. *blushes, ducking his gaze*

I th-think I knew that o-once b-but I forgot. *shrugs sheepishly* I f-f-forget lots of th-things. B-But Omega n-named himself, you know. S-S-So he m-must’ve h-had a g-good r-reason.